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Went to the MFA today and it was nice.

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I don’t know its two in the morning and instead of going to bed I thought it’d be great to put a Bobs Burgers quote with Pacific Rim stills. I don’t know I was bored. So enjoy.

Based off this

Quote from: Bob Fires The Kids -3.02

Yes. Good.

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Good morning.


Good morning.

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"For obvious reasons, every interviewer asks me about [the role of technology in "Her"], and, well, you’ve seen the movie—it definitely has a lot of ideas about technology and the way we live with technology, and the way technology helps us connect or not connect. But I think what I was really trying to write about was the way we long to connect with each other. I really tried to make more of a relationship movie—or a love story and a relationship movie in the context of right now." - Spike Jonze, director of “Her”.

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Gene Belcher - Feminist

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Sufjan looks different with that beard!

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I contributed a 3-page story to the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary anthology! Unfortunately, they rejected the third page of it because ‘Sanrio doesn’t want Hello Kitty associated with an actual cat in any way.’

So anyway, they just decided to use the first two pages and end it there. I’m including the third page here so you can see how it actually would have ended.

This was a lot of fun for me. It was nice to relax the ‘correctness’ muscles in my brain and do something kind of abstract and nonsensical. Fun shapes and colours to play with too. Also, totally inspired by Metroid. :)



Also: Ceci n’est pas une chatte.

what a damn shame. So cute!

My heart! ♡

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